La Ferme Grover is first and foremost a family business in which the couple’s five children participate closely or from a distance. Jean-Claude Grover and Édith Frigon shared their passion for horticulture and the various aspects of the skill of producing annual flowers, to their children at a very young age. Today, Guillaume, Odile, Joëlle, Martin and Tom work in different aspects of the business and contribute to the constant progress of La Ferme Grover’s activities.



Our Québécois workers distinguish themselves by their education in the field of horticulture and their ability to work as a team. Meticulous and organized, they are able to manage small groups of workers and coordinating some production activities. They have all our confidence and we are happy to be met with their commitment in return.

Our foreign workers contribute largely to our company’s progress. They have a multitude of qualities, such as their continuing motivation, abilities to rapidly perform various horticultural tasks and their diligence. They represent a true wealth for the company and we are happy to welcome them year after year.